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Born September 21, 1953, is a native of Brooklyn, New York, who has lived in Hawaii since 1981. He is a graduate of Antioch University West, with a BA in Liberal Arts and Science with a concentration in holistic health.

He is also the author of 3 books on the subjects of motivation, fitness and vegetarianism that he has used to break Guinness World Records in public speaking.

Thomas published his first book, "The Philosophy of Divine Nutrition"(in 1977) it was his doctoral thesis in Metaphysical Philosophy at the Tree of Life School, located in New York City. This book was also the text of his Guinness Book World Record for the "longest sermon" - 93 consecutive hours (September 18-22, 1978).The premise of his philosophy is that every religious text has instructions on health, longevity and nutrition and that an analysis and synthesis of this advise is the basis for his concept of Divine Nutrition.

The total PDN program is an internal martial art or mind/body fitness program based upon the concepts of Jeet Kune Do, developed by the late Bruce Lee.

In addition to his Sermon record, he also holds two world records in after-dinner speaking, based on his book on motivation, fitness and herbal sports nutrition, titled The Way of PDN- The Ultimate Vegetarian Athletic Nutrition Program(1986)

As a three times Guinness Book World Record holder in Public Speaking, he is one of the longest talkers in recorded human history!

After every world record, he has given a jump rope demonstration!!!

New Jump Swing is the jump rope cross training fitness program developed by him as a part of his rehabilitation from respiratory disease and knee disease, as well as knee surgery.

A former Choir/Altar Boy for the First African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Brooklyn, New York, Thomas is an ordained minister (non-denominational, non-sectarian) who has devoted his life to the advancement of the disenfranchised, people with disabilities, as well as at-risk youth.

With this commitment to public service, he has been a Vice President of the NAACP of Hawaii, board of directors’ member of the Rotary Club of Waikiki(Paul Harris Fellow), member of the South Hilo Rotary Club well as board President of the Hawaii Disability Rights Center (HDRC). The HDRC is the designated Hawaii Protection and Advocacy agency of the state of Hawaii.

Thomas also served as a Disability Rights Advocate and office manager for the East Hawaii branch of HDRC. After ten years of service, he has retired as a Social Security Disability Advocate/Para Legal for the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii-Hilo.

For over ten years he served as the celebrity chairperson for the Hawaii chapter of the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart campaign. In his capacity as both a Master Teacher and Master Performer, he has presented lectures on heart-healthy nutrition as well as jump rope skills training to over 60% of the entire Hawaii school system and Universities.

Married since 1995 to the former Pamela Roldan of Kahuku, Hawaii, Donald and Pamela live on the Big Island of Hawaii (Hawaii), with their three dogs, Ms. Frankie III, Ms. Johnnie Mae III and King T'Challa II.

He can be found in the following editions of the Guinness Book of World Records

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Is there any philosopher that has broken a world record?