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New Jump Swing



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Life/Wellness Coach Services

 Donald Spiderman Thomas is literally the publisher who started out as the paperboy and has held every position in between. Award winning nutrition author and 3 times Guinness world record holder in public speaking. He is recognized through the American Heart Association as a master teacher and performer in rope jumping as well as the developer of the New Jump Swing jump rope program. He is a mental health professional/Disability Rights advocate with over 39 years of experience. He has served as the past President of the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Protection and Advocacy Agency. He is the former Executive Director of United Self Help, a nonprofit agency located in Honolulu, Hawaii, committed to mental health information and referral as well as assisting individuals with mental illness to form their own self help support groups. He is also the former state wide coordinator of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services for the Mental Health Division of the Dept of Health of the state of Hawaii. For ten years until his retirement, he served as a Social Security Disability Advocate/Para legal for the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii. He has prevailed as a litigant in work place racial, sexual and age discrimination cases and brings to his presentations a unique perspective as both an employee and administrator.

Schedule a consultation for assistance with the topics listed below.

    • Plant-based nutrition and herbs for health and fitness
    • New Jump Swing Jump rope fitness/cross-training techniques
    • Social security disability how to apply and win your case
    • Career planning, development, and advancement
    • How to protect yourself from workplace harassment
    • Overcoming Minority health disparities through diet, fitness, and self-actualization

 *Book must be purchased before the consultation can be given*

$150/hr consultation.

Monthly Package $390 - Three 45-minute sessions (Zoom) (weekly follow-up)

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