New Jump Swing Athletic Nutrition Program

All discoveries into the world of herbs, supplements and foods that are vegetarian and demonstrated to improve physicals and physiological performance are a part of the New Jump Swing Athletic Nutrition program(PDN Vegetarianism)

Vegan diets: practical advice for athletes and exercisers

Vegetarian/Vegan Athletes

The diet of Kenyan running champions

Living on a Budget

American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines on

Exercise and Physical Activity in Older Adults

Vitamin B-12

Animal Ingredients List

Harvard Medical School names 11 Cholesterol lowering foods

Consumer Report on Pesticides in foods organic and non organic

PDN Lacto-Ovo Vegetarianism

Organic (drug and cruelty free whenever possible)

Goat and sheep dairy are preferred over cow dairy products.

Dairy-Whey protein is the preferred form of dairy.

Dairy should be low fat or full fat fermented

Colostrum may be beneficial  for athletes

All capsules should state Suitable for Vegetarians. When in doubt-take the product out of the capsule

Kosher and Halal cheeses are generally safe and free of animal rennet

Egg whites are preferred over whole eggs. For prostate health, two eggs or less per week

All dairy and eggs will increase cholesterol and introduce saturated fat into the diet

Several ethnic groups are lactose intolerant

Apiarian Nutrition

For those who are vegan or vegetarian for ethical reasons-Apiarian Nutrition is a concept that must be studied. Every religious text gives praise to the Bees and the Products of the Bee Hive. Without Bees there would be a substantial reduction in  pollination of nuts, fruits and vegetables.For those who consider Bee Nutrition to be exploitation of the Bees, they must do their research to see which fruits, nuts and vegetables they are consuming as a result  of this perceived exploitation. If Bee Pollen is not consumed neither should any plant that was pollinated by that Bee. From the perspective of Philosophy of Divine Nutrition-Bees are animals who have a symbiotic and essential relationship with pollination and vegetation. One should still avoid these products if they are allergic

Bee Basics

Bee Ethics

Oils are consumed for their essential fatty acid content.


Frying can be done with an oiled pan, not an oil pan.

Trans Fatty Acids should be avoided

How much Omega-3

Maximum intake of oils should be 2 tablespoons/day.

Non hydrogenated, organic, hexane solvent free.

Flax seedHempWalnutOliveMacadamia nut oils highly recommended